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YoulikeHits i-macro script For Facebook (Update Jan.01.12)

Minggu, 01 Januari 2012

Hail blogger, at the beginning of This year I am wanted to shares the script.iim For the users of sites YouLikeHits Free Facebook Likes .. blablabla, i usually using macros add-ons Mozilla Firefox and are looking for a newest script.iim.

This is are updates version of today, and the for those who have used to wearing of i-macros certainly understood usefulness this script.iim. I was File.iim compress within. Rar and was pasword, so it when wanted to know the password, just contact us are here or Fanpage or it could be via a emails.

For the blogger friend can be sent emails to:

Screenshots before using this script.iim:

Screenshots after using a script.iim (over 30 minute):
Just downloads the link below:
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